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A pre-school program by Garodia Education

It is a widely accepted fact that children absorb the most knowledge and information during early childhood. It is therefore important to provide them with the experiences and environment that foster all-round development in the most fun and participative way. Garodia Education’s Beehive chain of pre-schools, gives children between the ages of 1.5 to 6 years, the care, attention and guidance they need to get a jump-start in this development.

At Beehive, we believe in and employ a curriculum based on the ‘Play Way’ philosophy that focuses on developing a child’s math, language, motor skills, social adeptness, art, aesthetics and emotional intelligence through play and in a delightful ambience. Apart from regular classes, children at Beehive are also engaged through a variety of interactive methods and extra-curricular activities such as art and craft. Beehive pre-schools also provide excellent day care facilities.

The Beehive network is expanding rapidly and we currently have schools in Mumbai, Pune , Bangalore, Jaipur and Latur. To know more about Beehive or to find the location of a centre near you, please visit us at Beehive Preschool.