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An independent music school by Garodia Education

Music is increasingly becoming a preferred field of higher education. Realizing the need for a professional school that teaches students about the various facets of music while also training them for higher level music exams, the P.G. Garodia Conservatoire was set up in 2004.

The first music school of its kind for studying western classical, semi-classical jazz and contemporary music, the P.G. Garodia Conservatoire is an autonomous body with certificate courses in piano, keyboard, percussion, string instruments and vocals. Besides this, the music school also offers guidance in musicianship, theory and performance, culminating in its annual concert, “Maestro” where students are given a stage to showcase their talent.

The highly trained faculty at P.G. Garodia Conservatoire inculcates in students an understanding about the various forms, techniques and history of music. Students’ passion and love for music is not only cherished but also encouraged by preparing them for prestigious music exams, like those conducted by the Trinity College, London and the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), London.

P.G. Garodia Conservatoire is an independent music institute; enrollment is open to all interested students, even from other schools. For more details, please visit us at P.G. Garodia Conservatoire.