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Our Philosophy

At P.G. Garodia School (ICSE), our efforts are aimed at helping students realize their potential and then liberating it for all-round development.

We believe that an education system that lays equal stress on extra-curricular activities is one that will give wing to the best minds in the country.  In keeping with this, we respect the individuality of students and provide them with ample avenues to nurture their skills. Whether it is art, debate, dramatics, dance or sports, every student has the opportunity to learn and excel in activities beyond the classroom.

We are also keenly focused on developing future leaders; something that requires compassion, civic-mindedness and respect for cultural and societal diversity. To inculcate these qualities at an early stage, the students at P.G. Garodia School are encouraged to participate in programmes for the aged, the disabled and the mentally challenged.

Our Firsts

Ever since our inception in 1969, the school has been at the forefront of innovation in education, adopting modern methods of teaching and making the environment more conducive to learning.

The P.G. Garodia School was among the first ICSE schools in Mumbai to set up a state-of-the-art computer laboratory for its students. This was followed with the introduction of computerized academic reports. Realizing the importance of keeping up with evolving technology, the school introduced smartboards as far back as 2006.

The school’s contribution to the education sphere has been recognised frequently with awards, like the British Council’s International School Award in 2009 and the Dell Digital Award in 2010.

P.G. Garodia School offers classes from Grade 1 level to Grade 10. For further information on the school, curriculum, activities and admission, please visit P.G. Garodia School.